How Do I Get IRC?

Step one: Firstly, you must download the program from the following link at

As you can see, there are various “mirrors” you can chose to download the program from. Chose one that has the name of the country in which you live. For example: If you live in the UK, chose the “mIRC x.xx in the UK” link. If you live in Holland, chose the “mIRC x.xx in Holland” and so on…

Step two: Chose to “open” the file (causes the program to open as soon as it’s downloaded).

Step three: Click next on the following screens, agree to the liscence agreement and chose to install mIRC to the location it specifies. The click continue when it asks you if you would like you to register the program.

Step four: Now you’ll need to enter some personal details on the “Connect” tab. (Don’t worry, you can make them up)

Step five: Before you do anything else, you must click on the “Servers” tab. Under “IRC Server:” chose “QuakeNet: Random Server.” from the list, then click “Ok”, at the bottom of the window.

Step six: When you’ve connected. A “Favourites” window will pop up. This is where you can add multiple channels and chose to join them automatically when you connect to IRC. First, click on “Add”. A new screen will appear. Enter “#ImperialUO” under the “Channel” box, click the box next to “Join on connect” so it has a tick in it.

Now press “Ok”. #ImperialUO will appear in the list of favourites. Double click that and you will join the shard IRC channel! Welcome.

Things to remember…

People with the “@” sign to the left of their name in the members list to the right are members of staff on Imperial UO. This sign is called “ops” and gives them the power to kick and ban you from the channel, set topics, set various modes, etc.

Do NOT PM ops without permission. Ask in the channel first.

We insist that you speak in English only in #ImperialUO This is an English based shard and English is the mediating language.

We do not tolerate any form of abuse in this channel, or the persistant harassment of any member of the official channel(s). It will be dealt with accordingly.

Do not use our channels to advertise other shards. Or paste offencive links of any kind.

Violation of these rules could result in a kick or a ban. The channel is there for you, it’s in your best interests to play nice.