Join Us

Joining the Shard is quite a simple process. You can do so by following these steps:

1. Download an Ultima Online Direct Play folder

Ultima Online is no longer supported and no longer does patchs updates. Since we require you to play with the client to avoid people using modified clients to get advantage over others, this is the best way to get you started. This is also a simple and fast way to get everything running smooth, not only the game files but also our shard patch files.

You can download our direct play folder through the following link:

2. Play

Once you have download our Direct Play folder you only need to double-click the client located inside the game folder and enjoy your stay with us.


If you already have the game installed, then you just need to:

1. Download our patch files


2. Download the client

Once you finish both downloads, copy paste them into your Ultima Online folder and you will be ready to play with us.


If some some reason you’ve lost our login ip, then you just need to copy paste this into your login.cfg file:



[Before actively playing, you should consider reading the Rules]

Any problems/doubts should be posted on the Forums or IRC.