Staff Team

Staff Team

The staff team working for Imperial UO all work for free. They have chosen to dedicate their free time on providing a secure and enjoyable gaming experience to you. Treat them well and they shall do the same to you. Listed below you will always find staff members and their contact information.


Staff Sections

  • Administration (Website, Bugs, Development, Accounts)
  • Game Masters (Monitoring Staff, Staff Training, Player Support, Events)
  • Counselors (Player Support, Events)
  • Consultancy (Developers, Forum & IRC Support)



    General Admins Email:

    Send general admin queries to this email. Please include your account name and detailed information about your case.

    Head Admin Fronz    headgm

    From: Portugal
    Assignments: Co-Owner, Webmaster, Player Support, Bugs, Events

    Head Admin GOD     headgm

    From: Portugal
    Assignments: Co-Owner, Account’s, Player Support, Bugs, Events



    Game Masters/Admin’s

    Responsible for ensuring all rules and codes of conduct are followed by players. They are also responsible for the majority of events held on the shard and for ensuring the fluidity of the shard as an active presence. The Head GM is also in charge of monitoring the staff members below him and is able to decide on key matters where high-level editing/permissions are not required.

    Admin Gambler       admin

    From: England
    Assignments: Development, Bugs, Main Developer, Spawns

    Admin Krusty         admin

    From: Portugal
    Assignments: Player Support, Events, Webmaster

    Admin KeoKuk       admin

    From: England
    Assignments: Development, Bugs, Webmaster, Main Developer

    Head GameMaster Storm     gm

    From: England
    Assignments: Suport GameMaters, Suport players, Events